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Ballistics - Trajectory

Custom Generated Ballistic Trajectory Tables for use out in the field and at the range.
Enter the Start and Finish Distances, Increment between each distance, Bullet Information.
These tables are generated based on Professor Arthur J. Pejsa's information. Accurate for Supersonic trajectories only.
These calculations are only an approximation of bullet trajectory. DO NOT use these values for mission critical applications - you should already have settings developed from range testing.

How to Use:
Values in square brackets ([]) may be invalid as these are subsonic values.
Set your Scopes Elevation and Windage to the appropriate setting based on distance and conditions.
Use the space provided at the top of the page marked '[pg]' to enter the page number.

Available Sizes: A4, A5, Legal, Junior Legal, Government Letter, Letter, 1/2 Letter, Rite in the Rain Compatible
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